Jolly Phonics Teacher Training

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Discounted Fees of Rs. 4000 instead of Rs. 5000 for the First 10 Participants on a First Come First Serve Basis for Mom’s &Teachers

Jolly Phonics Teacher Training Online Course

Make The Best Use Of Your Time !!!

Days – 
From – 6th  to 11th September
Time – 06:00 to 08:00 pm IST
Mode – Online

Training by Official Jolly Phonics Accredited Trainer – Seeta Lakshmi Ma’am

What will be covered
1) 42 sounds along with their stories,
2) Letter formation techniques & actions
3) Blending games
4) Segmenting rules
5) Spelling rules,
6) Tricking the tricky words,
7) Digraphs with Drama,
8) Alternative spellings
9) Reading readiness and comprehension skills.
10) Effective use of Jolly resources in lesson planning
11) Evaluation, Assessment and ongoing support.

What will be provided (Soft Copies)
1) Certificate
2) Jolly Phonics Lesson Plans and Sample Worksheets
3) Flash Cards
4) Game Templates

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How does Jolly Phonics work?

Using a synthetic phonics approach, Jolly Phonics teaches children the Five Basic   Skills for reading and writing. Complemented by Jolly Readers and Jolly Grammar, it provides a thorough foundation for teaching literacy over three years in school.

The Five Skills taught in  Jolly Phonics

Learning the Letter Sounds: Children are taught the 42 main letter sounds. This includes alphabet sounds as well as digraphs such as sh, th, ai and ue with Stories, Actions and Rhymes.

Learning Letter Formation: Using different multi-sensory methods, children learn how to form and write letters.

Blending: Children are taught how to glide over the sounds and blend  together to read and write new words.

Identifying the Sounds in Words (Segmenting): Listening for the sounds in words gives children the best start for improving spelling.

Tricky Words: Tricky words have irregular spellings and children learn these separately



ABC Learners

We present before you the certificate programme in Jolly Phonics Teacher Training, which is at par with our other programmes both in quality and content. Join our ‘Certificate Programme in  Jolly Phonics Teacher Training’ and you will experience all that ABC Learners stands for.

Sparkle Academy is a skill development institute that imparts Jolly Phonics instructions to aspiring and in-service teachers as well as parents, thus enabling them to enrich a child’s English reading and writing skills. We train teachers to deliver Jolly Phonics instructions in school or at home. We believe that exhaustive training is required to give shape to first-class Jolly Phonics professionals, and therefore focus on it. At the same time, we promise a total value for money and an invaluable learning experience.


Jolly Phonics Teachers  – Need and Availibility

Modern pre-school settings have the onus to promote social and intellectual development of children. These goals are closely related to language development. Teachers are, therefore, responsible to bring about development in all these areas. This puts early years practitioners under an obligation to train in effective methods which will ultimately help them bring about development in children. People who are trained and experienced in early years education and care should ensure that children’s development should occur with fun and enjoyment.

Jolly Phonics, as a language learning methodology, eases language learning with fun and enjoyment. Jolly Phonics is essential for developing reading and writing skills among children, therefore, having a sound knowledge of Jolly Phonics becomes a must for every pre-primary and primary teacher. Many reputed schools and pre-schools affiliated to CBSE, ICSE, IGCS, IB and State Boards are also using Jolly Phonics to teach children Reading, Writing and Spelling Skills.

Hence, ABC Learners has taken upon itself to provide professional Jolly Phonics training through a Certificate Programme. ABC Learners helps pre-primary and primary teachers working with the youngest children to understand, respect and enjoy the power, sophistication and complexity of Jolly Phonics as a learning methodology. Once trained they you will be fully equipped to teach children all abilities in Jolly Phonics method whether at home or at school.

Who is Jolly Phonics Training Meant For

The following persons should definitely consider doing this certificate programme:

  • Teachers, especially English teachers and class teachers
  • School Principals, Owners, Educators and Administrators
  • Parents
  • Other Personnel who manage or deal with children from Nursery to Primary Education levels
  • Collegians
  • Mid-career professionals looking for a job change


A Carrer in Jolly Phonics  – It’s Different, It’s Fun and It’s Lucrative

Do you

  • Aspire to embark upon a career with a difference?
  • Nurture dreams of setting up an entrepreneurship in the field of education and learning?
  • Desire to be employed and empowered, being a woman and a homemaker?
  • As a proactive parent, want to build your child’s confidence and develop his language skills
  • Want to learn how to teach your child to spell and read words in a much easier way?

Even if any one of the above questions haunts your mind, then read on as a career alternative par excellence and different from all kinds of mainstream career options are in the waiting.

A Jolly Phonics Teacher, Trainer or Instructor, an Entrepreneur running a training centre for kids or a parent well-versed with phonic skills – each idea is as enticing as possible and holds in itself a world of opportunity for you to succeed as an individual, professional or parent. Achieving any one of the above possibilities will require you to gain proficiency in Jolly Phonics from a good training institute.

Advantages of doing this Program

We provide Jolly Phonics professional development to empower teachers to deliver effective Jolly Phonics teaching. Our comprehensive certificate program provides you with a structured yet engaging approach to Jolly Phonics to enable every child to read and write.

This programme will help you in the following ways:

  • Learn independently
  • Develop independent reading and writing
  • Develop a creative mind for story ideas
  • Enrich vocabulary
  • Pronounce words correctly
  • Build confidence, vocal and social
  • Trainees can start their own Jolly Phonics Classes for Kids.
  • They can also start other activities related to language and development for kids below seven years.
  • It is very easy to get jobs in pre-schools or schools with pre-primary and primary grades as the demand for Jolly Phonics is very high, and comparatively skilled teachers are few.
  • High paying and satisfying part-time or full-time careers can be taken up.
  • The purpose of this programme is to enable parents to guide their preschool kids in all areas of Jolly Phonics, so that do not need to attend extra academic enrichment classes and even tuition class all the way at pre-primary and primary levels. When kids need not attend extra classes (especially just to learn how to spell, read and write), they have more time at home to play, rest, learn and focus on talent development instead. This also saves a lot of time and money for the parents.

So, Wait not.

Join ABC Learners and change your career graph!

Enrol today and bring a world of difference in the way children learn the English language!!



You are eligible to enrol for The Certificate Programme in Jolly PhonicsTeacher Training if you have an elementary knowledge of the English Language.



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