Our Trainer

Seethalakshmi Shankar

A graduate in English Literature and Psychology, a diploma in Early Childhood Education, and practicing a Montessori way of teaching, Seetha also has certification in Story Narration from Kathalaya. Seetha has been a passionate teacher for over 20 years, dealing with children of ages 3 to 8 years and helping them achieve fluency, comprehension and confidence in reading.


Seetha has been using and teaching with Jolly Phonics for the past five years and found this programme has much more of an impact on children's reading and writing abilities. As a Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer, Seetha will be able to support other teachers in how to teach Jolly Phonics in a fun way. She will ensure teachers can use this programme to help children to read and write, these being essential skills and foundation of their learning.


  • Sujata Mishra
    Ma'am, the lessons have been enlightening as well as being thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you.
    Sujata Mishra
    St. Albans School, Faridabad
  • Gitanjali Mathur
    Dear ma'am You made learning fun. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for all the efforts. Regards
    Gitanjali Mathur
    St. Albans School, Faridabad
  • Monika
    Dear ma'am You are a great teacher. A teacher like you is difficult to find ,we can see you making extra efforts every day.You make the learning real and fun. Enjoing each session. Thank you so much ma'am 🙏🏼 Regards
    St. Albans School, Faridabad
  • Tanu Chopra
    Dear Ma'am I am really enjoying the sessions. They are so informative and interactive. You have made the class lively ,the daily activity 'Do as I DO' is such a fun. Thank you so much maam. Regards
    Tanu Chopra
    St. Albans School, Faridabad